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Raul Simone
Eduardo Simone

For over 55 years, customer services have been a major issue at Umuarama Imóveis.  The company name was picked out by its founders José Luiz Navarro, Luiz Carlos da Silva Vieira and Raul Simone Pereira from a Native Brazilian dialect and has the following definition: “place where friends gather”.  This reveals that Umuarama placed its stakes in partnership relations as a basic concept for Property Management operations.

In the course of its trajectory, the company simultaneously innovated with still another differential. A permanent embracing of new modern technology for real estate management and intermediation, further to a continuous enhancement to collaborator performance, jointly propelled Umuarama in delivering high quality services. At Umuarama you are hosted by those who run the company.  This is still another differential in a sector where credibility and trust are fundamental to the clients’ decision-making process.

Our Staff:

• Raul Simone Pereira

With 60-year plus experience in the real estate market, Raul Simone Pereira is one of this segment’s pioneers in Brazil, acting in the providing of property management services, in the sales and rental  of real estate, prior to the Property Management Law which became effective in 1964.  Raul is one of the founders of Umuarama Imóveis and member of the São Paulo Real Estate and Condominium Association– Aabic.

• Eduardo Simone Pereira (CRECI 44069)

Business administrator, Eduardo has been in this sector since 1989.  With Condominium Management and rentals for specialization, Eduardo is a permanent member  of the São Paulo Real Estate and Condominium Association – Aabic, where he spearheads the Inquiry and Ethics Commission.  Eduardo has participated in countless of the segment’s national congresses.

• Moacyr Fogo Júnior

With a major in Business Administration from Universidade Paulista – Unip, Moacyr Fogo Junior holds a 10-year track record at Umuarama Imóveis.  Moacyr oversees the company’s Property Management division, leading a team composed of five building managers and providing services to a portfolio of over 150 buildings.

• Eduardo Vianna Saboya Salles

Insurance broker for over 20 years, Eduardo has since 1995, been our associate at UIL Insurance Brokers. Constantly seeking innovations in delivering services and consulting in the insurance area, Eduardo tries to aggregate unique conditions and products for our customers, his major target always being service quality.

• Severino Galdino Filho

Control Department Manager.  Accounting major, graduate Control degree from Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado (Business School - Álvares Penteado Foundation)- FECAP, CRC/SP nr 162.240/O-4.  Severino is accountable for the Financial, Accounting, Fiscal and Cost departments.

• Nilza Lourenço da Silva

Rental manager. Law degree from FMU, Nilza has acted in the Umuarama Imóveis rental area for the past two years, overseeing a 260-client portfolio, CRECI nr 019595-EST.